SSL 4048 G Series with G+ Computer.
44 mono & 4 stereo with VCA Automation and Total Recall. Powered using Atomic Instruments S1+



Quested v3110

PMC twotwo 6

Yamaha NS-10M Studio


Chevin A3000 x2

Chevin Q6

Hafler P3000 x2

Yamaha P3200

Software Sequencers

Pro Tools 10 & Ultimate 2019 HDX

Logic Pro 9 & X


Studio Rig

Apple Mac Pro 2x 2.93 GHz 6-core, 48 Gb Ram and Universal Audio UAD-2 OCTO Ultimate 3 on PCIe

Editing Rig

Apple iMac 27", 2.9GHz, 16GB Ram with an Apogee Quartet and 2nd licences for the majority of software found on our software page. (Available on request)


NAS 8TB Raid storage and online sharing

10Tb archive storage


Apple 20" Cinema Display

Apple 30" Cinema Display

Dell 20" Cinema Display

LG 32" Mac & TV Display

Sharp 42" SSL, Mac & TV Disply

2-track & Sync


The Konnektor SSL / Pro Tools Sync

Avid Sync HD I/O
Emagic AMT 8 x2


2x Apogee Symphony MKII with a total of 64 I/O for any of the following:

  • 56x Analogue I/O

  • 8x AES/EBU I/O

  • 8x SPDIF I/O

  • 16x Adat Optical

Crang Song Hedd 192

RME Fireface 800

Apogee Quartet



AEA RPQ - x2

AMS Neve 1081 x 2 Pre Amps & EQ

AMS Neve 4081 - 4x 1081 pre amps

API 3124 x2 = x8 API 312 pre's

SSL G Series console pre's - x44


API 5500 Dual Mono 550 EQ with Range Switch

Little Labs Voice Of God - x2

Manley Massive Passive Stereo Tube EQ

MÄAG EQ4 x 2

Prism Sound Maselec MEA-2 Mastering Equalizer

Radial Phase Q

SSL Console 292 EQ x44


Chiswick Reach Stereo Tube Compressor

DBX 163X Over easy Compressor

Empirical Labs Distressor EL8S (with brit mod) x2

Neve 33609 JD Stereo Compressor

SSL G Series Mix Bus Comp

Tube Tech CL 1B Opto Compressor

Universal Audio 1176 LN Limiting Amplifier



AMS RMX16 Digital Reverb

Bricasti M7 with M10 Controller

Yamaha Rev 5

Yamaha Rev 7


AMS DMX 15-80 Digital Delay

AMS DMX 15-80S Digital Delay

H&H Multi Echo

Roland SDE-3000

Yamaha D1500


AMS DM2-20 Tape Phase Simulator

Eventide Eclipse FX Processor

Radial EXTC x2

Radial Tank Driver

Thermionic Culture Vulture Super 15

Yamaha SPX90 MKII


Hearback Technologies Hear Back System

Hearback Technologies Hear Back Hub x8

Sennheiser HD25

Beyerdynamic DT 100

Beyerdynamic DT 150

Beyerdynamic DT 770 x2

Beyerdynamic DT 250

Extreme Isolation EX29 x2

Focal Spirit Listen Pro x2

Behringer Powerplay Pro-XL HA4700

Art Pro Audio 406


Coleman LS3 3 way Stereo Balanced Switcher

Coleman PS1A Active stereo monitor controller

Atty Stereo Attenuator



Brauner VMA

Groove Tube 67

Sony C800g (subject to availability)


Coles 4038 x2

Coles 4104

Beyer m160 x2

Rupert Neve RNR1 x2


Yamaha Sub Kick

Earthworks Kick Pad

Realistic PZM x2


Neumann u47 fet

Neumann u87 x3

Josephson e22 x3

DPA ST4011A x2

AKG 451 x 2

Octava M12 x4

Groove Tube 33 x2

12 Gauge Red 12

12 Gauge Green 12 x2

12 Gauge Blue 12

12 Gauge Black 212


Audix D6

Sennheiser MD421 x4

Shure SM7b

Shure 508c

Shure SM57 x2

Shure SM58 x4

Shure Beta 57 x2


Guitar & Bass Amplifiers

Fender Deluxe 1969

Fender Twin Reverb 1975 + blackface Mod

Hiwatt Custom 100 - 1980"s

Marshall JCM 800 1980's

Marshall JCM 900 Lead

Marshall 4x G12H 30w Anniversary Cab

Marshall 70's 4x G12H Vintage Cab

Rivera Thirty Twelve 2x 12 Combo

Vox AC30 1967 JMI

Custom Celestion 4x 12 100w Cab

Pedals & DI's

Boss LS 2 - Guitar Splitter & Wet / Dry balance

Boss TU-3 x3 - Tuners

Bss AR-133

Bss AR-416 x2 - 8x D.I. paths

Duh Voodoo Man Rabid Rodent - Boutique ProCo Rat

Duh Voodoo Man Zonkin' Yellow Screamer - Boutique Tube Screamer

Duh Voodoo Man Mega-Muff - Boutique Big Muff

Electro Harmonix Memory Man Delux x2

Electro Harmonix Switchblade Plus

Erica Synths Acidbox II

ISP Decimator II - noise gate

Line 6 DL4 - heavily modified


Raindirk DI

Radial J48 x2

THD 8 ohm Hotplate

Guitars, Synths & Keys

Access Virus TI Keyboard

DSI Prophet Rev 2

Fender Deluxe Precision Bass

Fender Rhodes Stage Mark I - 88 key

Fender Stratocaster

Feurich 122 Upright Piano

Korg Electribe A mk II

Korg Electribe R mk II

Moog Subsequent 37

Novation Bass Station 2

Roland Juno 106 + Kiwi Mod

Yamaha Clavinova CLP 170

Midi Controllers

Avid Digi 002 Control Surface

Frontier Alpha Track

Native Instruments Machine mkII

Novation ReMOTE SL 25

Roland ED-180A




Gretsch 130th Anniversary USA Custom Kick: 18" x 22". Toms: 7" x 10" & 8"x12". Floor Toms 12" x 14" & 14" x 16". Snare: 6" x 14"

Spaun Acrylic 3 Piece Kick:18x22. Rack Tom: 8x13. Floor Tom 14x16

Ludwig Black Beauty Snare 5" depth

Gretsch Black Hawk side snare

Gretch USA Custom Snare

Zildjian Custom K crash x2

Zildjian Custom K Ride

Zildjian vintage quick beat hi-hats

Variety of other cymbals

Tama Cask Wood Piccolo Snare

Tama HP900FS Iron Cobra Kick Pedal

Electric Snare

Drum Workshop 9000 Double Bass Drum Pedals

Various Zildjian Custom K Symbols 

Remo Roto Toms x3

Remo Crown Bongos

Variety of Shakers x8

Latin Percussion Jam Block, Low Pitch

Latin Percussion Latin Sambago Bell

Latin Percussion  Large Afuche Cabasa

Meinl aluminium Darbuka

Djembe - African import x2


Tambourines x3